Anvera 55S debuts in Spain – Ready for PBS 2018

The Anvera 55S is now on display in Puerto Portals ahead of the Palma Boat Show 2018, which starts on the 27th of April until the 1st of May.

The exhibition marks the debut of the 55S in Spanish waters and presents an ideal opportunity to see and experience the flagship Anvera.

Designed and built by a team of racing heritage, the 55S is a culmination of years of experience and know-how. A blend of technology, innovation, luxury and practicality; the end result is a day cruiser that is a pleasure to spend time and relax on, with the ability to transform into a performance vessel at a moment’s notice.

Constructed using a carbon epoxy throughout, and using advanced, lightweight materials, the Anvera boasts one of the best weight/power ratios available. Even the cockpit table and seating, the hardtop and helm, the choice of carbon has meant minimal size and weight but without sacrificing strength.

Beyond the performance, the technology behind the Anvera 55S has been used for the ultimate enjoyment of the sea, and with time at-anchor strongly in mind. Standing out is the fold-out aft section transforming the rear of the boat into a beach area incomparable to any other model – but it is the sum of the innovative features that add to the feeling of an accomplished and capable boat, which needs to be seen first-hand.

Every detail has been painstakingly considered and the end result is a magnificent cross-over between the performance and the luxurious, unlike anything else.

Anvera Spain would like to extent an invitation to our stand at the boatshow, where we will also be introducing the upcoming ‘little sister’ to the 55S, the in-build Anvera 48S. Using the same design principles but in a smaller package, the 48S is the perfect entry to the series, or can also be used as a perfect tender to a superyacht.

We look forward to meeting you there.