Advertise Your Boat With Us


If you are looking to sell your boat, Pier Zero Yachts are perfectly situated to help you find a buyer.  With over a decade of experience in the yachting industry we have developed the marketing reach and expertise required to sell boats quickly and at fair prices.

As a company we can offer a number of key benefits to help speed up the process of selling your boat. Firstly, our head office is centrally located in one of the busiest, most exclusive marinas in the
Mediterranean – Puerto Banus has thousands of visitors every year and many of them are looking for their next yacht. Due to our prime position and years of service in the yachting industry we have compiled an extensive database of potential buyers based throughout Europe, allowing us to target our marketing efforts towards individuals who have shown an interest in a particular size or style of boat.

Alongside our database of potential customers we have worked hard to establish a network of contacts, including captains, colleagues and charter businesses, who frequently work with people interested in purchasing boats. We often find this is the most effective way to find people serious about acquiring a new boat.

If you are interested in having your boat advertised in our office, through our database and online (on,,,,, Europe and contact us today.